House Rules

Thanks for visiting!
Thanks for following our rules!
We appreciate your cooperation!

Practice cleanliness!

  • Please use hand sanitizer before and after visiting the cat lounge.

Be gentle with cats.

  • Please don’t chase cats. If they walk away after you pet them, they are done being petted.

Kittens love lots of cuddles and pets, but not all kitties like being picked up.

  • Please do not try to pick up one of the adult cats. Children under twelve may not pick up the kitties.  Adult guests, please be seated before picking up a kitten. They are afraid of heights causing them to leap out of your arms which may injure the kitten or possibly scratch you.

Inside voices only.

  • Please use quiet voices and no whistles.  Our kittens are very sensitive to loud and high pitched noises. All cats have some degree of normal fear when they hear loud, sudden or strange noises. It’s part of their survival instincts.

Cats get scared easily.

  • Cat’s fear of sudden motion or movement is part of their nature. The ability to perceive and respond by running away from sudden motion helped keep them alive. It’s a survival mechanism, alerting cats to the possible presence of predators.  So, running, jumping, stomping, throwing and yelling will cause the kittens to disappear.

Cats sleep a lot.

  • Please don’t wake the cats, but give them lots of pets for happy dreams.

We have a few “sweet and spicy” cats.

  • Sweet and Spicy kitties are the ones with unpredictable behavior.  They may cuddle with you one minute and swipe you with a paw the next minute. Lounge Attendant will point out these special kitties that it may be best to avoid unless you are cat whisperer.

Cats may eat treats provided by our lounge attendants only.

  • On busy days we may not be able to provide treats to everyone.  Please ask the attendant in the lounge room if treats are available during your visits.

Take lots of pictures.

  • But please no flash.

Cats must stay in the cat lounge.

  • Please watch for cats when you open doors. When your visit is done, please check out with the cat lounge attendant so that they can let you out.

Children twelve years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

  • An adult per two children is required to ensure little ones enjoy their visit. Please note that guardians need to supervise the actions of their minors and ensure they are gently handling the kitties, especially our tiny ones with delicate paws and ears. Lounge attendants will be happy to show your little ones how to attract the kittens to them and the best way to hold them.

There are cats behind the curtain who are a little shy.

  • Kitties behind the curtain are slowly getting use to people visits, so please don’t disturb them. If you are a cat whisperer, a lounge attendant may let you have a peek!